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The Pound Game

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

Going down the pub with a few mates? want a cheap game to play, and the prospect of winning some bizarre prizes while you get drunk? Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce... The Pound Game.

Equipment: Group of friends, £1 each.

How to play: Players purchase an item for £1 or less and then re-group. The group then decides who bought the best ‘item’. The winner receives all the other player’s purchases.


  • The purchase must be supported by a receipt

  • The purchase must not exceed the agreed maximum value (£1 but could be agreed as higher or lower) – as identified by the receipt.

  • Players must have made their purchase before an agreed time - as identified by the receipt.

  • Players must shop independently.

  • Player’s can enter only be one purchase. For example: A bag of sweets purchased as pick and mix would count as a single purchase but were the sweets sold separately this would not count.

  • Divisions of a purchase does not constitute as a valid entry to the £1 game. For example: Where a single item costs over £1 but is sold as part of a special offer (such as 2 for 1 - resulting in the individual item having a retail value less than £1).

  • Where a purchase below the maximum is sold with complimentary ‘gifts’ these gifts can also be submitted as part of the entry on condition that reference is made to this on the receipt.

  • Purchases must be bought from recognised retailers.

Any player who enters a purchase that does not meet the above criteria will be disqualified. However their purchase will still be forfeit to the winner of the competition. Despite a players’ purchase being disqualified he or she is still eligible to vote as to who has won the competition.

Decision on the winner:

All players get to vote on which purchase is the winner.

Players can not vote for their own purchase

Players get one vote.


There is no set procedure on how ‘pound game’ participants conduct the ballot. However where possible the following should be adhered to:

  • In order to maintain the integrity of competition each vote must be made publicly in the presence of other participants.

  • Participants should be encouraged to provide justification to their decisions.

  • Where a previous winner of the pound game is present he or she should be honoured by being the first to vote. When more than one previous winner is present the most recent winner casts the first vote.

In the event of a tie

In the event of a tie all players will vote again between the tied purchases.

In the event of tie after the second vote the cheapest purchase is declared the winner.

In the continual event of a tie two-way ties shall be decided by the toss of a coin.

In the continual event of a tie between more than two entries the entry receipt which is the longest piece of paper will be declared the winner.

Remember - the mob is fickle.

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