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I have been writing novels since 2014 and still cling to the hope of obtaining an agent and publishing deal. In the absence of any meaningful success on this front, I have self-published four of my novels, which are available as e-books and paperback. I am very proud of them. Sadly, trying to promote them on social media feels like shouting into an empty bucket, so what I really need are reviews and comments on my work (and that is where you come in).

Dislocate: (kindle e-book £1.99, Paperback £4.99)

If you asked her parents, teachers and psychiatrists, they would all say that Francis Kelly is a deeply troubled young lady. However, as far as Francis can see, this is unfair, as they are not that well-adjusted either. But even she can recognise that things are not going well at home and school, and with friends like Billy Rowley, she could do without her numerous enemies. Thankfully for Francis, when you can manipulate time, your problems have solutions.


- Click HERE for e-book (Kindle) and Paperback

Beneath Liquid Skin: (Kindle e-book £1.99, Paperback £6.99)

Drinking in the Lincolnshire Fens is not Matt Crowther’s idea of a good stag night. But when you include the whims of a capricious child, the wrath of an American General, and mysterious games in a far-flung Indian restaurant, this promises to be an evening like no other. Throw in belligerent clowns, mutated tree frogs, hallucinogenic insects, pan-dimensional jellyfish, and an errant goat, and even Crowther might agree that he has taken a few too many drugs. But this is what you get on a night out with Thelonious, the most exclusive of tour operators, and one who specialises in hedonistic excess.

- Click HERE for e-book (Kindle)

- Click HERE for paperback


Big Sister: (Kindle e-book £1.99, Paperback £3.99)

An abandoned car in the middle of the desert is just the beginning of a young woman's vengeance. The desert animals do not understand, and ultimately, they do not care. But she never asked for sympathy or understanding. She asked for the help of killers, and the desert obliged with its very best. The search for folk stories for his new book brings William Bradshaw to the isolated home of an old Native American, Mr Joshua. But the story he finds is his own, and it may push him over the edge of reason. No good deed goes unpunished. But Anthony Stubbs, a mild-mannered orthopaedic chair salesman, is about to discover that picking up beautiful hitchhikers can be a risky business. Isla Ruth comes to Hollywood seeking fame and fortune. But what she finds is trouble, and now she wants nothing more than for her big sister to come and rescue her.

Click HERE for e-book (Kindle) and Paperback


BOREALIS: (Kindle e-book £1.99, Paperback £11.00)

A priest wages a vendetta, using only his fists to rally a cowered populace.

A widowed carpenter is willing to use terror to avenge his wife and children.

A bankrupt engineer discovers an immense wealth and now hopes to live long enough to spend it.

A prostitute is assaulted, and a matriarchy of elderly pimps must risk total war to avoid destruction.

A young woman with a terminal disease makes a dangerous pack to enable her to step from the shadow of her illustrious name.

A stranger arrives at an isolated mining facility, unleashing a horror that threatens the lives of millions.

Borealis: a corrupt city with a history drenched in blood.

Borealis: the most valuable element in existence, a fuel that burns clean yet corrupts everything it touches.

Click HERE  for e-book (Kindle) and Paperback


Click HERE  for THE BEARD! – My graphic novel (Think a cross between Spiderman and The Hulk) – It is very silly.

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