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Social Justice Warrior - The Boardgame

Having enrolled at a prestigious university, and only having to commit to 5 hours lectures a week for your Gender Studies course, you have a lot of time on your hands. Also, as you are going to be in crippling debt for decades to come you really need to find something to justify the cost.

So why not join a protest (any will do)? Why not try to smash the patriarchy or bring down capitalism? Take turns to march around an imaginary campus and create your very own progressive society.

To play Social Justice Warrior – The Board Game, all you need is a standard Monopoly boardgame set and the rules below. The game follows many of the basics of the game of Monopoly, and will not cost you anything other than the price of printing out these pages (and in some cases your dignity). If you don't have a Monopoly board you could make your own.....

As way of disclaimer, the good people who make the original Monopoly game obviously have no association/endorsement of this game, and nobody is making any money out of this (well I certainly am not). Basically, it is just a bit of fun, and while I appreciate that this is sending up some sensitive souls…. They need to get over themselves.

Hope you have fun

Rules of the game

SJW the boardgame
Download PDF • 487KB

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