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Free Pet Portraits.

With people getting dogs during lockdown, and the subsequent financial issues, animal shelters are really under the pump due to the number of pets that people can no longer look after (not to mention this Bully XI business).  I do the portrait for free (plus approx. £6 P&P if you need them posted in the UK) on the understanding that the recipient gives a donation to The Dogs Trust. Donate to the Dogs' Trust I prefer the donations to remain a private matter on receipt of the painting. Mostly, I paint dogs, but I have done commissions for a few cats and a hamster – for some reason, I struggle with horses. Basically, I work on a first-come, first-served basis. With this just a hobby, I can't commit to deadlines as I fit this around my day job, but if you give me a month's notice, I’ll do my best if you want it for a birthday, etc. If interested, send me an email ​​


A few more examples of the work I have done. The style will change depending on the quality of the photograph and the breed of the dog. For smooth coat breeds, I like to use pointillism (I find this best for fitting painting around work as you don't need to prepare a broad colour pallet), but for more shaggy breeds (and low-resolution photographs), broader brush-style works best.

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