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An ode to anything that isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing

Aspiring writers don’t own procrastination, but they do seem able to make it an art form. A cursory glance at twitter proves my point. If like me you have gathered an army of similarly hopeful authors as followers you will get a continual deluge of introspection about the countless meaningless distraction you can find to justify not writing - It is good to know I am not alone. In my case the writing (of the novel at least) has stalled, but I am increasingly intrigued as to th

Requiem for the messenger (Flash Fiction)

The scene aped that of a morbid extra terrestrial landing. While the makeshift barrier of tape which looped around trees and lamp posts which signified the outer limits of the toxicity she watched the diligent swarm of plastic humanoids moving with stunted but meticulous purpose; yellow ants erecting a plastic commune of evidence tents and decontamination chambers, tending to the delicate needs of their metallic queen, a battered green hatchback at the heart of their industry

The Pound Game

Going down the pub with a few mates? want a cheap game to play, and the prospect of winning some bizarre prizes while you get drunk? Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce... The Pound Game. Equipment: Group of friends, £1 each. How to play: Players purchase an item for £1 or less and then re-group. The group then decides who bought the best ‘item’. The winner receives all the other player’s purchases. Rules: The purchase must be supported by a receipt The purchase must not ex

Listening to the Slug (Flash Fiction)

The instructions from the Old Man warns against being close to the window, let alone going outside, in case the Slug balls you. But the way I see it that’s just the lingering paranoia of someone who don’t get out of his office that often. If you got new neighbours, you expect to see them ‘taking the air’ right? Even if you lived in this roach infested tenement. The Old Man also says to never underestimate the Mark, but having listened, recorded and filed his every word the p

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