Scavenged: A Review

I’ll always feel I have to tread carefully with YA literature, primarily because I am not its intended audience, but also because I am never entirely sure why this needs a separate genre. I mention this not to dismiss the ‘YA’ literature produced, but as a caveat when it is subsequently reviewed by someone who has not fallen within the target audience age bracket for nearly a quarter of a century. As such, this review of Scott Arbuckle’s novel Scavenged has become a battle wi

Promoting your book when you have no money

When I started writing my first novel the process seemed so clear. I’d write it, edit it, get a few knock back, and then publish it. I was naive, not so naive to think I’d get an agent or a publishing deal, but a more basic assumption that having done the book, this would have been the labour intensive bit – WRONG! I read a lot of comments about the angst of writing, the torment, writer’s block, self-doubt and sacrifice. But my personal experience was somewhat different. I ca

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