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Well, hello there. You have inadvertently stumbled on the website 

of Matt Johnston. 


But that is not a bad thing. Here, you can buy great novels, learn cocktail recipes, peruse artwork, and read a free graphic novel. 


If none of this is to your taste, then fare thee well, web traveler, and hopefully, you will find what you seek (or what you need) within the next few clicks of the mouse. 


Adios Amigo. 




Still here, eh? Like what you see? Well, you can always get in touch via social media below, follow me on Twitter via @borealisnovel, Facebook, or in the old-fashioned way by sending an e-mail to

The cover for my first novel, Dislocate, was developed by Beach Studio. All other artwork and photography is my own and copyright is protected by a ferocious hound!

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